Power BI Dashboard Design — Just How much debt does Kenya owe Lending Countries?

Maggie Wanjiru
2 min readJul 9, 2019

As at 2018, with Kenya’s public debt crossing the Sh5 trillion mark, this meant that every Kenyan would now owe the lending institutions at least Sh110,000, this is according to Daily Nation.

Hence, I sought out to find out the outstanding bilateral debt of the lending countries. I used the PowerBI Desktop for interactive graphs and visualizations.

Data Source: Kenya National Bureau of Statistics 2019 Economic Survey

1. Which country does Kenya owe the most money (2014–2018)? It appears that it is China at Kshs 2.8 Trillion followed by Japan at Kshs 1.7 trillion.

2. How has the debt fared over the years per country?

3. Which year had the highest debt?

And finally;

4. The same concept as no.2 but with a different chart. It’s all about exploration!

Notice China’s exponential growth?



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