My #TidyTuesday Contributions

Maggie Wanjiru
3 min readJul 6, 2019


“Tidy Tuesday is a weekly social data project in R. Every week Thomas Mock; and the R for Data Science Community; post a new dataset and ask R users to explore it and share their findings on Twitter with #TidyTuesday. Since the first dataset was posted on April 2nd, 2018, there are now over 40 datasets and more than 800 #TidyTuesday tweets from 221 users!” —

From the moment I discovered #TidyTuesday, I have never looked back.

Below are my plots so far; (The plots are all coded in R. I work mostly in R due to its huge number of libraries and emphasis on reproducible analysis. I am constantly learning new skills such as Shiny and tooling in my spare time.)

  1. Wine Ratings

2. Ramen Ratings

3. Meteorite Impacts

4. Christmas Bird Counts

5. Global UFO Sightings

6. Media Franchise

7. Women’s World Cup Results

8. FAA Wildlife Strike Report

9. Video Games Data

10. Roman Emperors!

11. Animal Crossing

12. Broadway Musicals

13. Caribou Locations

14. Tour de France



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